(SNF) mission is to improve people's lives and careers through learning in fashion design. We want to ensure that every person from everywhere has new experience and knowledge by enrolling (student).

We need rules to be a safe platform for visitors, users, subscribers and us. These terms apply to all of our services, including the website, social networks, and apps.

You must be a subscriber to view, watch and benefit from the content on our website. In order to subscribe, you share name / surname, telephone, e-mail and an address information. This information is kept on record for invoicing, certification and legal processes.

Your account cannot be transferred to someone else, and in case of death, the account will be closed.

You cannot share your account login information with others. The account holder is responsible for almost everything that happens with your account.

You must be 18 years of age and of milk to create an account. If allowed where you live (USA 13, Ireland 16), you can create an account with parental control and provided that the account is the parent. If we find out that you have created an account that violates these rules, we will terminate your account, and if abuse is detected, we will apply to the legal processes in the Criminal Terms section.

Subscriptions also have 2 packages for 6 and 12 months periods. During your subscription period, you can access newly published courses, resources and additional documentation published on the site within your subscription scope. SNF is the sole owner of all copyrights including accessed documents, drawings, images, images, videos, codes, texts. You can use the content that you are allowed to download within the scope of the usage right given to you with the subscription, only for your personal development works. You do not have the right to download videos with course content to your computer. You can watch as many repeats as you need during the subscription period. Distribution, sharing, sharing on torrent etc. platforms with downloadable links, copying, reproducing and sharing in printed and / or digital media will be considered as illegal activities and will cause legal processes because you do not have the authority and right to share.

You can pay the payments by Credit / Debit Card. For payments made by credit / debit card, the system will automatically activate your account after successful payment. We offer a free 3-day trial subscription. This is because no refunds are made after the subscription is purchased. We think that during this 3-day period, the course videos and limited content will mature your idea of signing up and help you make your decision for enrollment. No refunds are made, except for system-induced incorrect payment transactions (such as receiving 2 payments, charging more than the subscription fee offered).

Refunds made are processed within 2 weeks. Repayment may take up to 4 weeks due to incorrect collections, depending on the intermediary payment systems and the repayment transaction processes of the banks.

SNF takes every precaution within the framework of its possibilities to ensure that the entire ecosystem such as server, provider, video, documentation, web pages can work correctly and properly for the quality and trouble-free presentation of the content broadcasts. SNF and its service providers cannot be held responsible for almost any situation that will result in web page and / or server-side attacks, virus infection, infection, temporary failure of the system or termination of some or all of the services. This content is a one-sided presentation and a subscription service subject to willingness and risk taking.

If you act in a way that puts us in legal trouble, we can sue you. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold against any third party claim, claim, loss, damage and expense (including attorneys and legal process fees) arising from your violation of any rights of and its partners. Your indemnification obligation will continue to apply after your use of these Terms and Services ends.

If we are unable to settle the dispute between us amicably, you and the SNF agree to resolve any claim under these Terms (or our other legal terms) through final and binding arbitration, regardless of the type of claim or legal theory. If either of us brings a claim to arbitration and the other party does not agree to arbitration, the other party can request a court to force both of us to arbitrate (compulsory arbitration). In addition, any of us can also request a court to suspend court proceedings while an arbitration process is in progress.

We both agree that we can only sue the other party individually. This means:

  1. None of us can make a claim as a plaintiff or class action member in a class action, consolidated action or representative action;
  2. An arbitrator may not aggregate the claims of more than one person in a single case (or preside over any consolidated, class, or representative action)
  3. The decision made by an arbitrator in a person's case can only affect that person, it does not affect other users, and cannot be used to decide other users' disputes.

In case of illegal sharing, publishing, publishing, copying, distribution of content for which we have all legal rights, you agree and declare to pay immediately and in cash, 10 times the maximum subscription package price of the list price of the top subscription package for each content shared. In addition, you agree and declare to pay attorneyship and legal process costs in cases of possible disputes, lawsuits to be filed as a result of your illegal activities. In such cases, you accept and declare that and its Partners are not liable and will cover almost any material and moral damages you may incur.

You can always contact us for your thoughts, ideas, improvement requests or almost any questions you can think of.